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VICTOR NOEL "Geometric Abstraction" Painting / Sculpture, Oil on Panel 1987 - Pignolet Gallery

VICTOR NOEL "Geometric Abstraction" Painting / Sculpture, Oil on Panel 1987


Modernist Abstract Painting / Sculpture, by Victor Noel in 1987.
Oil on wood panel built in volume and structure, oval in shape, mauve and yellow color.
Very good condition, rare
Victor Noël is one of the great painter of Belgian Abstract and Constructed Art, currently under listed ...

Born in Dour in 1916, he studied Art and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Mons from 1930 to 1939. Friends and sustained student of Louis Buisseret who considered him "one of the most gifted".
In the mid-1940s, he explored Abstract Art, influenced by the Bauhaus artistic movement.
Around 1952 he established himself as a precursor of Geometric Abstraction in Belgium.
He exhibited for the first time personally in 1956 at the Galerie Saint-Laurent in Brussels.
Professor of Art at the Academy of Tournais from 1942 to 1976.
Member of numerous art groups including:
- "Abstract Art" from 1952 to 1956 with Jean Milo, Jan Bursens, Jo Delahaut, R. Gilles, R. Mel, J. Saverys, Guy Vandendranden, R. Van Gindetael
- "Formes" in 1956 with Jo Delahaut, M. Blicke, Pol Bury, Jean Rets, Victor Noel, Guy Vandenbranden, Jo Delahaut, K. Lewy, P. Van Hoeydonck, F. Verdonck.
- "D4"
- "Geoform in 1967
- "Concrete Art in Hainaut
- "Art Built in 1960 with Pol Bury, Félix De Boeck, Jo Delahaut, Victor Noel, K. Lewy, J. Moeschal, J. Onegae, J. Peeters, Jean Rets, Victor Servanckx, Michel Seuphor, Guy Vandenbranden, S. Vanderauwera, P. Van Hoeydonck, F. Vonck. "…, Just like Pol Bury, Jo Delahaut, ......
- Co-founder of the periodical "Measures of International Art" in 1988.