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About - Pignolet Gallery


My first contact with the world of Stéphane Pignolet is the superb entrance hall of this beautiful house on the Chaussée de Waterloo. A harmony of black and gray from which escapes a soft light that invites you to discover. Only a discreet little arrow indicates the entrance door to the gallery.

The black color signifies the mystery but once this door is open, you are amazed as Ali Baba entering the fabulous cave. Believe me, the shock is immediate because Stéphane likes to mix art forms and it shows. Obviously, the man could be a great interior decorator. The exhibition hall has two large rooms in which a large number of works are available to you. They all seem to be watching you while Stéphane talks to you about their place in the context of their time. For him, no matter the space and the time, the light is enough by itself.

Question him, you will understand that each object, painting, sculpture is an assumed choice. As you can see, Stéphane Pignolet is a real enthusiast who has no regrets about the choice of his approach.

It is this art of living, this fascination of almost thirty years, including seven years spent at the Marché des Antiquaires du Sablon, that this specialist in Belgian ceramics of the twentieth century will make you discover. So why hesitate, push the door, Sesame open ...

Alain Bustin, writer, passionate about Art Deco