Roger Guérin, Art Deco fish fruits dish, grès de Bouffioulx sandstone, 1925

  • Issuer / Manufacturer:Roger Guérin
  • Period:XXème siècle / 1925
  • Price:1250 €
  • Country of Origin:Belgium
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):29cm x 24cm 
  • Weight (kg):3
  • Number of components:1
  • Condition:Excellent
  • Style:Art Déco 
  • Materials:ceramic

Rare sculpture edited by Roger Guérin, the sculptor is unknown but the style seems Dutch, probably school of Amsterdam.

Bibliography: This sculpture is reproduced on p.80 in "Au gré du grès - De l'Art Nouveau à l'Art Déco - Roger Guérin & Egard Aubry" Stéphane Pignolet, Cécile Schaack, Inge Taillie - published in 2007 by "Musée Le Clockarium".