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ROGER CAPRON Vallauris, long coffee table 164cm & 6 legs, green glazed ceramic, ca 1960 - Pignolet Gallery

ROGER CAPRON Vallauris, long coffee table 164cm & 6 legs, green glazed ceramic, ca 1960

Rare and long 6-legged coffee or lounge table (164cm) by ROGER CAPRON, circa 1955/60.
Black lacquered metal frame, green ceramic tile top with black abstract decoration.
Bearing a plaque on the base with a number 65.5369 (see image), probably the model number.
This abstract decoration by Roger Capron in this green colour can be found on some plates from around 1957, and also in red and orange on a round coffee table top (see image).
Table in perfect condition.

  • Creator / Artist / Designer:Roger Capron (1922 - 2006)
  • Issuer / Manufacturer:Vallauris
  • Period:20th Century / Mid Century / 1960
  • Country of Origin:France
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):40 x 164 x 42 cm
  • Weight:20 Kg
  • Condition:Excellent
  • Style:Design / Abstrait
  • Materials:Ceramic / Earthware
  • Price:SOLD

  • Pick-up:Free
  • Belgium Delivery:50€
  • France Delivery:100€
  • Europe Delivery:150€
  • Worldwide Delivery:On request

In 1946, he moved to Vallauris, where he set up a ceramics workshop, Callis, and went into partnership with Robert Picault and then Jean Derval in 1948, thus participating in the renaissance of ceramics in Vallauris, where he put into practice the motto of his master, René Gabriel, "to make the beautiful within everyone's reach".
In 1952, Capron bought a disused pottery in Vallauris, where he produced objects ( sculpture, vase, decorative panel... ).
In 1955, he began producing earthenware and table tiles.
He won a gold medal at the 10th Milan Triennial in 1954, a silver medal at the Cannes International Exhibition in 1955, and a gold medal in Brussels in 1959. From 1950 onwards, he worked alongside Pablo Picasso, who did not hesitate to support him during the controversy surrounding his fresco of the Cannes ferry terminal created in 1956 (150m long).
Capron and Jean-Michel Carré began working together in 1962, exhibiting side by side at Bâtimat in 1963.
Architect Philippe Sicardon commissioned Capron to create ceramic decorations for the Byblos hotel in Saint-Tropez.
In 1970, Capron was awarded the Grand Prix International de la Céramique.
Around 1990, Roger Capron embarked on a completely new line of work, producing unique pieces akin to sculpture. With the help of his wife Jacotte and Jean-Paul Bonnet, he opened a new workshop in Vallauris and created pieces for galleries around the world...