René Drouet, Art Déco wrought iron coffee table, gold and bordeaux patina, 1940

  • Creator - Artist - Designer: René Drouet 1899-1993
  • Period: XXème siècle / XXème Mid Century / XXème 1940 
  • Price: 1350 €
  • Origine: France
  • Dimensions (L x l x h): 54x80x80 cm
  • Weight (kg): 15
  • Element's number: 1
  • Condition: Good
  • Style: Art Deco
  • Materials: Hand Wrought iron, mirror

Authentic coffee table René Drouet 1940 (table often copied and reprinted).
Very nice original condition, some traces of normal wear on the mirror golden glass.

After graduating from Boulle school in Paris, René Drouet worked as an apprentice at Maurice Dufrene, a senior designer at Galeries Lafayette. Subsequently, he worked at DIM (Interior Decoration Furniture) and joined in 1929 the studio of Jean Domin. After all these years of learning, he was now able to provide furniture and create a complete interior. He was a true follower of art deco style, with that French style of the forties, in the post-war era. Among his achievements, an apartment on the top floor of a mansion Monceau Park for Charles Boyer and Pat Paterson.