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Marcel Taton " Disguise " surrealist bronze sculpture N°11/40, 1997 - Pignolet Gallery

Marcel Taton " Disguise " surrealist bronze sculpture N°11/40, 1997

Surrealist sculpture representing a man disguised as a horse, made in bronze by Marcel Taton in 1997.
Work signed and numbered 11/40, entitled "Disguise".
Original document of authenticity of the artist is provided to the buyer.
Perfect condition.

  • Artist:Marcel Taton (1957 -     )
  • Signature:Signed "Taton 11/40"
  • Period:20th Century / 1997
  • Country of Origin:Belgium
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):19 x 18 x 14 cm
  • Weight:2 Kg
  • Condition:Excellent
  • Style:Surrealism / Expressionism
  • Material:Bronze
  • Price:SOLD

  • Pick-up:Free
  • Belgium Delivery:20€
  • France Delivery:25€
  • Europe Delivery:30€
  • Worldwide Delivery:40€

Marcel Taton (1957 - ).
Self-taught Belgian sculptor and assembler, graduate of the Arts Décoratifs section interior designer. He began his training in the Charlier foundry in Herstal where he worked in bronze. He works alone, creates clay and wax models, sand casting is then replaced by lost wax. The artist creates his sculptures in bronze, sometimes combined with various materials: pieces of wood, glass, etc. Satirical assemblages, a dream world, often linked to the expression of the human face. Sometimes he makes casts of certain faces which are then enlarged or shrunken, to serve as masks in his works and express feelings. He also made glass pastes, a technique that he would continue to favour. The completion of the bronzes, after casting, is done in his own workshop "La Maternité" .....

Since 1987, exhibitions in Belgium: Spa, Liège, Aywaille, Seraing, Ostend, Knokke, Lineart Gand, with the Art Gallery "La Spirale" (1994-96-97-98-99-2000-01-02-03-04-05)
One Man Show: France: Paris, Beaune, Nice; Germany, Luxembourg; Switzerland: Le Landeron, Vevey, Neuchätel; The Netherlands: The Hague, Utrecht, Amsterdam, USA (20-01-02): Art Expo, New-York with the Gatriel; "La Spirale" in New-York, Dean Lombard brag; N.Y. 10708 - in California: R. E. Welch Gallery

Works in numerous collections in Belgium and abroad.
Monumental works in bronze: 'Diable ou Démon' Walloon Government (1995); 'La clef de l'enthousiasme' Waremme, Communauté Française (1996); 'Sur les traces du passé' city of Huy (2000); 'Mouvement' acquired by Mrs. R. Porta, consul of Monaco in Ostend (2002).