LOETZ, Bohemian "TANGO" vase in black yellow blown glass, Michael Powolny Style, circa 1930

  • Issuer / Manufacturer:Loetz Austria
  • Period:20th Century / 1930-1940
  • Country of Origin:Austria
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):13 x 16 cm
  • Weight:0,4 Kg
  • Number of components:1
  • Condition:Excellent
  • Style:Art Deco
  • Materials:Glass
  • Price:400 €

LOETZ " TANGO " vase with offset rows of black dots, Decor: Ausführung 181.
It is an interesting shape that has an unusual characteristic: it has an applied edge at the top AND at the bottom. Lemon yellow background with spots and cut black rims. Typical pontil ground and polished.
In perfect condition
In the spirit of Michaël Powolny.

The Loetz Witwe Company was a well known Glass factory specialized in the Art Nouveau & Art Deco period, like Tiffany.

Michael Powolny (1871 - Vienna 1954) was an Austrian sculptor, ceramist, designer and teacher with Rosalia Rothhansl, Koloman Moser and Josef Hoffmann. Vally Wieselthier was one of his students.
He was born in Judenburg and trained in the industry in Znaim, and from 1894 to 1901 in the Wiener Kunstgewerbeschule. In 1906, with Bertold Löffler, he founded the Wiener Keramik workshop, which was part of the Wiener Werkstätte a year later. He worked for the manufacturing of Goldsheider ceramics.