Johan Nyssen, naked woman, expressionistische Oil on canvas, Painting, 1980

  • Creator / Artist / Designer: Johan Nyssen ( 1939 -
  • Signature / Monogram:Yes
  • Period:20th Century / Mid Century / 1940 - 1960 
  • Country of Origin:Belgium
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):113cm x 100cm x 8cm
  • Weight:5 Kg
  • Number of components:1
  • Condition:Excellent
  • Style:Contemporary, Expressionist, Surrealist
  • Materials:Graphic, Oil on canvas
  • Price:1200 €

Painting in perfect condition, signed "J. NYSSEN" and dated 1980.
In the spirit of Jef van Tuerenhout, Marcel Delmotte ...

Johan Nyssen, born in Bruges in 1939, is a painter, pastellist, gouachiste, draftsman, sculptor and ceramist.
Pupil at St. Luke in Ghent (1953-58) and, during his military service, at the Academy of Cologne (1959-60). It belongs to the Perignem ceramics workshop in Beernem (1958-65). Establishments himself as an independent artist. Teacher in Sint-Andries-Brugge (1979-85). Founder and director of the Johan Nyssen Private Academy in Sint-Andries-Brugge (1960). Put at the center of his work with the human figure, with fantastic and ironic distortions. Retrospectives in Bruges in 1981.