GEO BERNIER, Large Animal Painting, Oil on Canvas of a Draft Horse, ca 1900

  • Creator / Artist / Designer:Géo Bernier (1862 - 1918)
  • Period:19th Century
  • Country of Origin:Belgium
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) x x
  • Weight:...Kg
  • Number of components:1
  • Condition:Excellent
  • Style:Realism
  • Materials:Oil/canvas, Golden stuccoed wood
  • Price:ON HOLD

Large painting by Géo Bernier painted around 1900 and representing the famous draft horse "Tambour de Basque" medalist in a competition.
His painting is very detailed and realistic in style, Géo Bernier is a connoisseur of draft horses and it is clearly seen here in the attitude and musculature of a powerful, proud and a little scared horse.
In good condition, golden frame.

Géo Bernier (Namur 1862 - Bruxelles 1918) was a Belgian animal painter but also of landscapes and portraits. but mainly horses. He was also a poster designer.
Born in Namur, he moved to Brussels in 1880 and died in Ixelles, a street in Brussels bears his name near avenue de l'hippodrome.