Emil Stejnar & Rupert Nikoll, " Sputnik Snowball " Val Saint Lambert, 1960

  • Creator - Artist - Designer: Emil Steijnar & Rupert Nikoll
  • Edition - Fabrique: Val-Saint-Lambert
  • Period: XXème siècle / XXème milieu de siècle / XXème 1940 - 1960 
  • Price: 850 €
  • Pays d'Origine: Belgium
  • Dimensions (L x l x h): 50 X 50 cm
  • Weight (kg): 4
  • Element's number: 1
  • Condition: good
  • Style: design / Art Moderne
  • Materials: crystal / steel

Model created by Emil Stejnar and edited by Robert Nikoll in the 50s / 60s, mounted with forty crystal pellets (Val Saint Lambert edition, Belgium).

Diameter of the ball: 50 cm.

Total height, chain included: 88 cm.

Good general condition and electricity ok.

Note: One of the pellets crystal has been glued, it is arranged on the upper part of the chandelier, so really very little visible (see photo).


Emil Stejnar is known for his Space Age design lighting, although he says his career in design stems from his passion for magic and the mystic. He was born in Austria in 1939, where he studied jewelery. The study of the cosmos and the occult has fascinated him since his early youth: at the age of 18, he moved to Sweden to pursue his passion. In addition to his business as a jeweler, Emil Stejnar has also headed the Institute for Scientific Life Research for nearly 20 years. He is convinced that the combination of Freemasonry and astrology connects objects to the spiritual world. His articles are published in many publications, and he becomes famous in the world esotericism.

In the 1950s and early 1960s, Emil Stejnar designed several pendant lamps, ceiling and wall lights for the Viennese luminaire factory Rupert Nikoll. Its ceiling lights are characterized by their starry shapes and by the powdered glass, its most famous lamp being the Sputnik Lamp. The Sputnik lamp is often called Dandelion (or Pusteblume in German), or Snowball. It is unclear whether these names refer to separate forms of the Sputnik lamp, or whether they are nicknames. Immediately recognizable by its dancing shadows when illuminated, the Sputnik ceiling light is one of the most replicated fixtures.