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DE COENE FRERES, Large Art Deco Octagonal Curved Pedestal Column, Walnut Burl, 1925 - Pignolet Gallery

DE COENE FRERES, Large Art Deco Octagonal Curved Pedestal Column, Walnut Burl, 1925

  • Period:20th Century / 1925 
  • Place of Origin:Belgium
  • Creator, Editor, Designer:De Coene Frères (Courtrai)
  • Material:Burl Walnut
  • Weight:About 12 kg
  • Dimensions:112 cm H x 38 cm W
  • Condition:Perfect
  • Style:Art Deco / Modernism
  • Price:SOLD

  • Belgium Delivery:Free
  • International Delivery:On request

Atypical Art Deco column / pedestal with cut sides, made by the Belgian factory of Ateliers De Coene Frères in Kortrijk during the years 1920/30.
The structure of the pedestal, base and shelf are designed in walnut veneer.
8-faceted octagonal model, curved central shaft.
Original furniture, restored, in very good condition.

Another harness, from the same series, is for sale on this site.

De Coene Frères Belgium (Kortrijk):
1887 is the year in which De Coene's story in Kortrijk begins. During the interwar period, the company gained international fame for the production of high quality Art Deco wooden furniture. Based on the Arts and Crafts philosophy, the company will appeal to great artists and architects, including painter Albert Saverys. Besides the individual sale of furniture to the well-to-do bourgeoisie, the company is also responsible for custom furniture for restaurants, hotels, casinos, trains, banks and other large institutions. Orders from abroad (France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom) poured in and the company became one of the most important furniture manufacturers in Belgium and its reputation then became international. We will also note a mass production from 1929, up to 1000 radio cabinets per day are produced for Philips Eindhoven. At the end of the 1930s, more than 3000 people were employed in the various departments. The company is still in business today ...