DAUM France " Verseau" Pair of Candlesticks / Candelabras Brutalist Crystal 1950s

  • Issuer / Manufacturer:DAUM France ( Nancy)
  • MarK / Label:Yes
  • Period:20th Century / Mid Century / 1940 - 1960 
  • Country of Origin:France
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):24 x 13 x 13 cm
  • Weight:6 Kg
  • Number of components:2
  • Condition:Excellent
  • Style:Modern Art / Design / Brusatist
  • Materials:Glass / Crystal
  • Price:625 €

Pair of candlesticks / candelabra blown on the fly and worked with the tool. Hot-welded compact bases.
Creation of DAUM France (Nancy) around 1950.
Massive and very stable candelabra.
In a perfect state.

Daum is a crystal factory founded in 1878 in Nancy, Lorraine (France) by Jean Daum. The Daum workshops have trained some of the great names of Art Nouveau: Jacques Grüber, Henri Bergé, Almaric Walter, the Schneider brothers make their debut there ...
1939-1968 is a period of Transition for Daum, after the Second World War and the numerous shortages of pigments used to make the glass paste, crystal takes a predominant place, under the direction of Henri and Michel Daum6. It was also the period when the Manufacture diversified its production, switching to transparent parts making it possible to produce champagne flutes, ice buckets, shot glasses, whiskey and beer or cherry cups6. They give a clear artistic line to the manufacture: to be inspired by nature without copying it.
The eldest of Antoninus' grandchildren, Antoine Froissart (1920-1971), engineer from the École Centrale Paris, perfected the manufacture of a particularly transparent and brilliant crystal. This new crystal favors the creation of pieces with thick and flexible shapes, and with a luminous appearance.

Jacques, Auguste's grandson, breathed new life into 1965, calling on contemporary designers. in particular Dali and César who will spend several weeks in Nancy and will work on new uses of the material.