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ANTONIO LAMPECCO, turquoise ceramic "ball" vase, circa 1980 - Pignolet Gallery

ANTONIO LAMPECCO, turquoise ceramic "ball" vase, circa 1980

  • Creator / Artist / Designer:Antonio Lampecco (1932 - 2019) 
  • Period:20th Century / Mid Century / 1960 - 1980 
  • Country of Origin:Belgium
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):16 x 14 cm
  • Weight:0,3 Kg
  • Number of components:1
  • Condition:Excellent
  • Style:Design / Modern Art
  • Materials:Ceramric Pottery
  • Price:SOLD

Ceramic ball vase by Antonio Lampecco in the 1980s and 90s.
In perfect condition, unsigned

Staying in the same period, we can compare his work to certain artists like Jacques and Dani Ruelland.


Antonio Alberto Lampecco (Minucciano, 1932) is a Belgian ceramist. He is known for his round spherical vases. He moved with his family to Maredsous in 1949 where he acquired Belgian nationality, he then opened his own studio in Maredret (Namur, Belgium). He has exhibited in the Netherlands and abroad in important cities such as Florence, Paris and Lisbon. His ceramic works have won gold medals. Some of his works are in the ceramic museum of Andenne and all over world's collection.