ALONZO for EDMOND ETLING, Egyptian Dancer Cleopatra Sculpture Art Deco Bronze, 1920

  • Creator - Artist - Designer:DOMINIQUE ALONZO
  • Edition - Issuer:Edmond Etling (Paris)
  • Period:20th century / 1920
  • Origine:France
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):29 x 13 x 12 cm (with marble)
  • Weight (kg):2
  • Condition:Excellent
  • Style:Art Deco
  • Materials:Bronze / Marble
  • Price:1350 €

  • Belgium Delivery:Free
  • International Delivery:On request

Art Deco period sculpture, gilded bronze representing a naked woman "Egyptian Dancer" ( probably Cleopatra ) placed on a qualitative marble and bronze plinth.
In original condition, original golden patina, ca 1920.
Rare and unrestored item.

Photographic reference in the catalog "Art Deco and Other Figures" by Bryan Catley, "Egyptian Dancer" D. Alonzo. (see photos).
Model also referenced as Automobile mascot.

Dominique Alonzo is a French woman artist, sculptor (sculptor), she was active in Paris during the Art Deco period, between 1912 and 1926.
Alonzo is a student of the sculptor Alexandre Falguière, she exhibits at the Salon of the Society of French Artists.
His sculptures are aesthetic and finely detailed, they mainly represent women in long dresses, sometimes nudes, more rarely male figures.
Dominique Alonzo's sometimes chryselephantine works (in bronze and ivory) were edited by Edmond Etling in Paris and are usually based on qualitative marble plinths (as here).